About Us
Vidyavana Educational Trust was established in 2012 with a motto of providing education aspiring to global thought leadership.

VIDYAVANA EDUCATINAL TRUST ® established its VIDYAVANA PU COLLEGE & DEGREE COLLEGE at Koraluru, Tirumalashettyhalli, Whitefield area, Bengaluru. The college has various study programs, with each Program comprehensive to deliver the value with sufficient inputs to the students to embark on a professional career. Apart from providing core inputs related to the specific program, the students are provided additional training program to develop their professional competency through various academic seminars, workshops and extension lecturers.
Message from Principal :
        A Promising carrier is a dream of youth today. In today’s world the competition is growing like never before. The only way to success is to choose a college which aims at imparting sound education and make students disciplined, self-confident and responsible citizens. Our college welcomes all such students who want intellectual growth along with cultural refinement and sense of responsibility. We provide the academic and technical support in student`s academic persuits. Vidyavana PU and Degree College is a special place because here students grow in to fine and responsible human beings.

        It is my privilege and joy to say that the college has succefully achieved much more than the set objective in serving the student community. We are committed to make constant efforts to take Vidyavana PU & Degree college to the pinnacle with the cooperation of all those concerned. Our college is serving to impart quality education and discipline in the students. I hope the student who get admitted to our esteemed institution enjoy the nature and type of education which has been imparted.
G.Byreddy.M Sc., (Physics) M Sc., (Mathematics) B Ed., M Phil.
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